Thursday, May 15, 2008


There's nothing like going to an inservice where everyone is functioning well above your skill and knowledge level. Certainly it has been exciting and daunting to be at TLt.
Yesterday, I heard George Siemens speaking and one of the points he covered was the changing role of the teacher and students in connection to technology. He believes that education looses its transformative role in society if teachers are unable to mentor students with technology. I thought he was saying that if teachers don't engage in technology and use technology with students, then we are doing a disservice to our students. It certainly inspires me to learn more and transfer that to what I do with students.
Some of the other sessions I attended help learn more about Web2.0 tools. I am already putting these into practice. Ask me the next time what I have done with my students using those tools.
It was exciting to meet with other teachers from our division and see what they are doing in their classrooms.
I believe that teachers who believe in their own learning and transfer that learning to students will see students learn. I learned alot these days, I need to play and transfer that to what my students are learning.