Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Been To Long

Yesterday a fellow adminstrator told me about the excitement of teachers' blogging and I was reminded that I hadn't blogged for a long while. Most of the time I feel I have nothing important to say.

However, this afternoon as I sign out books with students I am excited by their enthusiasm about books. Every student, but one, signed out a book. They talk about the books they are reading, they ask for books to be placed on reserve, they are disappointed when the books they are looking for are signed out. We can't buy enough Twilight books. They never make it to a shelf. Boys and girls are reading these books. Students are buying their own copies because we don't have enough in the library. (We have at least eight copies of each book in the series.) The Bone series is popular as is the author Tamora Pierce.

Our library is a busy place. The grade sevens have an impressive display of structures which they created for a science unit. Students are practicing their speeches and classroom plays. Oh ya, students are sitting and reading.