Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Goals for the Bready Library

I am reading Literacy, Libraries and Learning edited by Ray Doiron and Marlene Asselin. Part of my development of a strong library program is to set goals for the Bready Library. I am also influenced by the school review that Bready underwent in 2005. The two goals I have selected are:
1) To put the right book in the hands of each student
2)To provide students with the information literacy skills using the big6 model of research. I want students to have the ability to ask important questions, locate information on the internet and in books, evaluate the usefulness of that information, synthesize that information and then to share their discoveries with their community

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librarian at large said...

You might want to check out Navigating the Research Highway which may be helpful in addressing some of these issues on the research process. This site was created in response to similar questions about teaching research skills. It is located at