Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ordering Books

Students were excited about the baskets of books we had put out and they were excited when I told them about the series of books I had ordered. I hope that by purchasing the books they want to read that they see themselves represented in the library and that the library becomes important in their lives. Seeing their excitement made me feel better about ordering books that I didn't feel were real literature.

So my goal this week was to order as many of the books students had requested in their surveys as possible. It was harder than I thought. I admit that I am an Amazon junkie, and that I had not considered that ordering books from organizations which take purchase orders would be that different. Ordering from Amazon is quick and fun. The process I went through this week was neither. A friend tells me I have unrealistic expectations of these businesses.

I am preparing an author study on Patricia Polacco and was looking to create a list of her books so I could decide which books I wanted to use with each grade and then to create my list to order from. I couldn't print the list I had created from their web site and the spread sheet I created was six pages taped together. In the end I copied and pasted 48 entries into a document. There has to be an easier way.

So, it looks like ordering books is one more thing on my list of things to learn. No one can say it is dull and boring in the library!


bookmarks said...

Patricia Polacco is a particular favorite of mine. I love her Christmas story Welcome Comfort!

Carlene Walter said...

Hello Amy,

I like the clean design of your blog.
You may want to check out Scholastic Book Orders this month, I believe the Lucky or See Saw features several Patricia Polacco books grouped together for a very reasonable price.